Good wallpapering can completely transform the look of a room. (Poorly hung wallpaper will also transform a room, but not in a good way…)

As always with any decorating job, we start by checking for any existing problems like holes or cracks. In addition, stripping and preparing walls and ceilings properly is vital (removing old wallpaper properly is a key part of ensuring your new wallpaper looks great and is long-lasting).

Sometimes, particularly in old properties, walls can be in poor condition and not properly aligned. One solution is to skim the wall, but as a cheaper alternative you can also cross line with lining wallpaper – that way there won’t be as many imperfections showing through and less alignment issues.

We can hang any design or type of wallpaper. There are lots to choose from, including pre-pasted, paper-backed vinyl, straight vinyl, fabric-backed and embossed vinyl and so on, and we can advise you on the best options.

Incidentally, did you know that wallpapering isn’t just for walls? You can use it to line wardrobes, cupboards or drawers.

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