Vintage with Grace Paint – Pesto

Vintage with Grace Paint – Pesto


Vintage with Grace mineral paint comes in a range of 33 beautiful colours giving you endless possibilities. Pesto is an earthy green.

Pesto is available in 150ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes


Vintage with Grace Paint Pesto is one from a range of 33 beautiful colours giving you an endless palette of colours to choose from. These paints give outstanding coverage and are extremely easy to use and hardwearing. Did you know you can easily mix these colours to  create your own unique shade?

This mineral paint range is eco friendly, non toxic, lead free and completely odourless.

With a new improved formula and exceptionally good adhesion they can be used without a primer. The paint adheres onto most (clean) surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, uvpc, glass, concrete and much more .

Pesto as with all the Vintage with Grace Paint products require minimal preparation and is easy to apply leaving a flawless matt finish.

Although generally there is no need for additional sealants or a top coat, We do recommend using a Polyvine finish to maintain that just painted look especially if it’s being used in a high traffic area. High traffic areas are kitchens, bathrooms, hallways or areas with water usage to help give that extra layer of protection from scuffs, knocks or spills.

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