Two Fussy Blokes Dacron 9″

Two Fussy Blokes Dacron 9″


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Determined to end your frustration with paint finish quality? We know the pain, hence we (decorators) developed for decorators, top-of-the-line, high-density dacron paint roller to deliver the perfectly satisfying coverage, smooth finish, ultra-low splatter, and ultra-fast paint speed.

11 in stock


The Two Fussy Blokes Dacron Roller makes painting easy and enjoyable!
This high density, lint free roller makes paint application easy and speedy with superb coverage, leaving you with a smooth professional finish.
This world class roller delivers a superior finish and ultra fast paint speed.
Available in Semi-smooth (10 mm) finish. Suitable for 9″ roller handles.

Perfect for painting interior walls and ceilings, MDF, plywood, new plaster walls, textured surfaces and wallpaper.

Suitable for water based paints only.

The Two Fussy Blokes dacron Roller is a 9inch roller perfectly suited painting semi-smooth walls with water-based paints including primers and top coats. The 10mm (3/8″) microfibre pile holds tons of paint and gives a super smooth finish and fast speed so you can get the job done.



  • Ideal for new plaster walls, textured walls and painting over wallpapers
  • Superb paint pick and release
  • Recommended for top-coats and primers
  • Water-based paints only
  • 1-3/4inch core (1.75″)
  • Fully recyclable packaging