Fusion Mineral Paint – Colour Transition

Fusion Mineral Paint – Colour Transition


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Fusion Mineral Paint Colour Transition is an eco-friendly, recycled paint product that helps you go from dark to light in fewer coats.

Available in 500ML

2 in stock


Fusion Mineral Paint Colour Transition is an eco-friendly, recycled paint product that helps you go from dark to light in fewer coats.

Made of recycled pigment, Transition gives you high hiding coverage. The purpose of this product is to take you from a dark colour to a light colour in fewer coats of regular Fusion Mineral Paint. During the process of making Fusion, leftover pigments in the water treatment facility are turned back into a usable paint product, rather than being turned into waste.

What is Transition?
Transition doesn’t have the same adhesion or durability as our regular Fusion Mineral Paint as it uses recycled pigments but that’s why it’s approximately half the price. Transition is NOT a primer and DOES NOT seal or block against resin or tannin bleed through – it should be used on surfaces that have already been prepped. Be sure to use a primer such as Dixie Belle BOSS for bleed through concerns.

For best results use Transition in a sandwich technique between 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint. Only apply 1 coat of Transition. This is perfect for when you want to paint your dark wood a light colour. Since each batch is unique, shades will vary with production, but will always be a neutral light grey. This product will not only save you time but money too.

It is not recommended to use Transition on its own as it does not contain the exact same adhesive and protective qualities as our high-grade Fusion Mineral Paint.

A 500ml bottle of Transition will cover approximately 7 sq.mtr. (75 sq.ft.)

Feeling Inspired?
It’s no surprise that Fusion™ has a global fan base – we all inspire each other with our use of Fusion™ paints and auxiliary products. To join in, follow the Paint It Beautiful Facebook page where you’ll find a wealth of hints, tips and inspiration.

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