Fleur Chalky Look Markers – Istanbul Interior

Fleur Chalky Look Markers – Istanbul Interior


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Fleur chalky look pens enable you to be able to write or paint more accurately.

The Fleur range is made with a traditional recipe based on natural pigments that reflect light when they hit them, giving an exceptional brightness for a matt painting.

Turquoise, blue or green… it is all up to the light in defining this hue, which is as sought after as the natural pigments used in the ancient Ottoman mosaics.


Drying Time:  30 min

Available Sizes & Coverage:

50 ml = 0,6 m2 ca. | 130 ml = 1,5 m2 ca.
330 ml = 4,5 m2 ca. | 0,75 L = 9 m2 ca.
2,5 L = 30 m2 ca. | 300 ml spray = 2 m2 ca.

4 in stock


Fleur chalky look markers enable you to be able to write or paint more accurately. These water based markers are filled with Fleur’s Chalky Look paint. Fleur markers dry to a bright, colourful, but still ultra matt finish and can be used on any surface!

Fleur Chalky Look Paint has its origins in the 70 years of experience gained by our company in the production of high quality colours for decoration and restoration, traditionally used for the recovery of historic artworks and buildings.

The exclusive recipe of our colours is based on the skilful use of 18 different ingredients, including purest pigments and minerals, processed in small batches according to the traditional production method, which allows to obtain a product with unique characteristics and easy to use.


The Fleur Chalky Look Marker range is made up of 12 unique colours with a strong personality that have been inspired by the world of fashion and design, or that recall more historical shades with a timeless charm. Each colour is characterised by a unique luminosity and colour depth and complements other other products in the Fleur range.


Fleur colours are elegant, deep and intense. Each colour is characterised by strong personality and unique chromatic connotation. In Fleur colour range you can find both colours matching inspirations from the world of fashion and design and historical colours.


The chromatic vibrancy of Fleur colours is achieved using high amounts of extremely fine pigments of superior quality. These pigments give to the colours an extraordinary depth. You get the impression the object itself is made of colour.


The extraordinary matt finish and the vibrancy of its colours make Fleur paint unique. We are often asked to compare the mattness of Fleur with other paints. Any Fleur colour has a max. 2% sheen – a standard in itself very difficult to get to – but what’s relevant is the fact that it is impossible to get such a matt finish with an acrylic paint without affecting the vibrancy of colours.


Fleur Chalky Look Spray paint contains a selection of silicates and other fine minerals, which refract and diffuse light on the painted surface. If you look at an object painted with Fleur, you don’t see a flat, “synthetic” mattness, but rather diffused light. You have the visual sensation of sinking into colour, and the final effect is very natural.