Aussie DecorTransfer – Fabulous Fuschia

Aussie DecorTransfer – Fabulous Fuschia


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Absolutely GORGEOUS, stunningly bright colours!

Fabulous Fuschia bell flowers and beautiful hummingbirds galore!

2 in stock


Aussie Decor Transfer Fabulous Fuschia brings you bell flowers and beautiful hummingbirds galore! These are Absolutely GORGEOUS with stunningly bright colours!

Aussie Decor Dry Rub Transfers bring a wide range of bold, modern and beautiful designs to add some pizzazz to your furniture, craft project or any upcycling project. Specialty decorative items include decoupage papers, transfers and prints. Designed by furniture artists for furniture artists.

Aussie Decor Transfers are the new and original Australian rub on Transfer. A lot of beautiful and unique design ready to give a “Sparkling restore” to your furniture and Decor.

These adhere on most surfaces. They’re fun, they’re bright and they make a statement!. The first thing you notice about this delightful transfer is the bold and bright colours.

From farmhouse to shabby chic, vintage to contemporary, this delightful array of stunning and colourful images will look gorgeous wherever you decide to use them.

Each of the Aussie Decor Transfer Fabulous Fuschia 7 images is cut separately to make it easier to handle.

Sizes are:

Image 1 – with solo green hummingbird and fuschia hanging blossoms – 36.8cm x 35.1cm (14.49″ x 13.82″)
Image 2 – with 2 hummingbirds and Fuchsia blossoms – 37cm x 37cm (14.57″ x 14.57″)
Image 3 – with 3 hummingbirds and Fuchsia blossoms – 50cm x 33.3cm (19.69″ x 13.11″)
Image 4 – teal/purple hummingbird (there’s 3!!!) – 20cm x 17cm (7.87″ x  6.69″), 15cm x 17.7cm (5.91″ x , 6.97″) and 11cm x 17cm (4.33″ x 6.69″)
Image 5 – green/yellow hummingbird – 15.2cm x 11cm (5.98″ x 4.33″)
Image 6 – blue/green hummingbird with long tail – 11cm x 15.7cm (4.33″ x 6.18″)
Image 7 – multi coloured hummingbird – 11cm x 12.5cm (4.33″x 4.92″)

Always seal with a water based sealer or topcoat! Don’t forget to buy your Aussie Black Dry Rub Transfer Custom Design Tool. This tool fits comfortably in your hand and requires less pressure and rubbing to Transfer your image to your project.

Remember to seal your Aussie Decor Dry Rub Transfer with a water based sealer.


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