Aussie Decor Poster – Old Trucks Off Road

Aussie Decor Poster – Old Trucks Off Road


This Aussie Decor Poster Print – Old Trucks Off Road is available in A2 & A3 sizes and come with a water resistant film on the front.

Item may ship separately or direct from the manufacturer due to stock availability


This Aussie Decor Poster Old Trucks Off Road is available in A1 & A2 sizes and come with a water resistant film on the front.

A1 – 84cm x 59.4cm or 33.07″ x 23.39″

A2 – 59.4cm x 42cm or 23.38″ x 16.53″


Photographic Quality Poster Prints printed on 0.2mm thick photographic paper with satin finish – 180gsm


  • Plan your placement of the poster on your project
  • Apply Mod Podge or PVA glue to the back of the print and directly onto your project with brush or roller.
  • Place your poster on your project and smooth out any air bubbles using our self adhesive decoupage blue tool.
  • Push the air bubbles out from the centre of the project towards the sides using the felt side of our self adhesive decoupage blue tool, so as not to damage the image.
  • Your print comes with a protective film on it so only the edges and any cuts or penetrations piercing the film, require sealing. If you would like to seal the print to achieve the same finish as your piece of furniture, apply one THIN coat of water based polyurethane sealer or top coat before applying any other finishes.
  • DO NOT apply PVA glue on the print surface as you would with other styles of decoupage.
  • DO NOT apply any irons, heat or water.

Always seal with a water based sealer or topcoat!


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Onlays – PolyOnlay
Metallic Pigments & Pastes – Posh Chalk UK


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