Dixie Belle Finishes

  • Wanting to add additional protection to your coastal creations? Dixie Belle Silk Extra Coat protection is a water repellent clear coat with a dreamy, satin finish.
  • Mix two scoops of Sea Spray with 8 oz of the Dixie Belle Paint. If needed mix another 1/2 scoop until you achieve a thick, brownie batter-like consistency.
  • dixie belle gilding wax zinc dixie belle gilding wax
    Bring a metallic luster to your piece with Gilding Wax. This oil-based product will radiate across all types of projects and create scintillation on any piece. Use this product on ornate carvings to enhance texture or detail with a metal-like flare.  
  • dixie belle gemstone mouse golden gem dixie belle gemstone mouse
    This strongly pigmented, water-based product has a beautiful thick creamy texture and excellent opacity to allow you to highlight and accent your furniture pieces. Even better, it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Dixie Belle Gator Hide

    A water repellent clear coat, Gator Hide is super tough, just as its name implies! This water-based poly-acrylic is designed for high traffic areas such as cabinets, counter tops, tabletops and outdoor furniture!
  • This clear matte wax spray has a thinner consistency than the Best Dang Clear Wax (which comes in the conventional tin pot) and is the easiest method of application – spray on, leave a few seconds and buff – job done! This is the perfect ‘maintenance’ wax for topping up waxed surfaces.
  • Dixie Belle Dixie Dirt is a powder that adds an authentic layer of built up grime, simulating years of use. It comes in three tones:

    Earth – warm, earthy brown Ash –soft and pretty grey Charcoal – black as night

  • Dixie Belle Crackle easily creates that aged, cracked effect on your project. The cracking process begins as the paint dries. Use on corners of your piece to add subtle character or on an entire piece for a bold crackled look!
  • dixie belle glaze white wash dixie belle glaze group

    Create depth and definition and take your projects to new creative levels with range of stunning, ready-mixed Dixie Belle Coloured glaze:

  • dixie belle Clear Coat gloss dixie belle Clear Coat flat

    Dixie Belle Clear Coat

    Protect your pieces with clear coat ! Clear Coat provides durability and a unique finish. Available in Flat, Satin or Gloss finishes
  • dixie belle chameleon wax dixie belle chameleon wax
    Illuminate your pieces with an iridescent glow. Chameleon wax is a sheer and stunning wax used to bring out the natural highlight of your project. Chameleon Wax comes in 3 colors; Cactus, Lilac and Apricot.  
  • dixie belle best dang wax black dixie belle best dang wax white

    Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax

    Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax is a smooth, water-based, water-resistant wax that is rich in colour! Add depth and dimension to your piece with the user-friendly formula. Choose from Clear, Brown, Black, Grunge Gray and White.