Interior painting

Interior residential decorating is the most diverse, and the place many people have the greatest fun, but no matter the choices in colour or the shape of the room, we know that interior decorating requires accuracy and thorough preparation.

Our interior work begins with ensuring all furniture is fully covered, all surfaces are properly prepared and wood repairs or filling around windows and skirting are thoroughly complete. Only then will we bring out the brushes, paint or perhaps wallpaper. Preparation is vital to achieve that flawless finish and is generally the longest part of each job.

We can advise on and supply a full range of paints. As well as standard choices like gloss, satinwood and emulsion. You could opt for special finishes such as sponge or ragging effects, colour washing or blocking, marbling patterns.

As a business we are 100% waterborne. No one wants to wait 12 hours between coats and woodwork that yellows after a few months. Waterborne paints dry quickly and leave a fantastic finish. These paints are also kinder on the environment.

Walls, ceilings and woodwork are obviously the mainstay of our work.

Hand-painting kitchen units is a cost-effective way for you to get a new look for your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of getting a new one. (We are hoping to offer a spraying service at a later stage).

We use Mirka dust free sanding technology and extraction which as well as being faster leaves the home virtually dust free. This means less cleaning of dust from surfaces.

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