Exterior Painting

Moisture, sunlight and temperature changes are the worst enemies of external wood, metal and masonry. For this reason, when external painting and decorating we are always careful to paint not just for short-term aesthetics but for long-lasting wear.

Our external work begins with the removal of decayed areas, such as rotten wood from window frames, loose render or weak brick mortar. Next is the preparation of surfaces for all weather variables, and the application of appropriate weather-proofing solutions. This is followed by 2-3 coats of paint, varnish or another finishing product.

Working on some exteriors can require specialist knowledge and materials – many painters and decorators offer exterior services, but some simply won’t be able to come up to the required high standard. we always aim for the highest standards.

Exterior projects tend to be from spring to late autumn because of the weather, but of course the work itself has to be prepared for what the elements can throw at it all year round.

We always use the right weather-proofing materials for the material, whether wood, brick or coated surfaces (render/stucco/pebble dash) and can-do minor repairs to masonry, windowsills or doors before starting work. We then typically finish with two or three coats of paint, varnish or other finish. We can paint guttering, pipes and railings as well.

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