About Us

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been developed to be as environmentally-friendly as paint should be, using a traditional recipe and being handmade from the finest ingredients, including Cornish earth pigments, which have helped us to create our distinctive and authentic palette of Cornish inspired colours.

We wanted to create a truly amazing paint which would be easy for everyone to use, even if you have never picked up a paint brush before, so we made sure that our mineral paint would give you a sensational finish every time you paint, with minimal preparation and minimal fuss, leaving you with a smooth and professional finish.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has a built-in primer, so there is no need to prime before painting and has a built-in ultra-durable topcoat, which means you do not need to seal or wax your projects after painting. Because our mineral paint has been made from real earth pigments, our formula is also self-levelling, which means your brushstrokes will disappear leaving you with a superior smooth matt finish. Once you have finished painting, leave your painted surface to cure for ten days and you will be left with a finish that is water/scuff resistant, ultra-durable, UV protected and heat resistant too. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can be used on every paintable surface and can be used for interior and exterior projects.

You could say that our paint is an all-in-one mineral paint.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been made using only the finest natural ingredients, 100% water based, with no added VOC’s and no added chemicals or toxins which can damage your health and our environment. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is also proudly Vegan, as none of our ingredients are sourced from animals or animal products.

An Environmentally-Friendly Paint Company

The environment and our health have been a main focus for us since day one when developing our Cornish Milk Mineral Paint.

By using traditional paint making methods, eco paint formulations, natural ingredients and only having packaging which has been made from recycled materials, we have already reduced our carbon footprint by over 75% compared to other paint companies and we are proud to say that we are the only paint line in the world to have fully biodegradable and recyclable paint packaging.

Our milk carton packaging doesn’t only look great and are fun to use, but the cartons have all been made from 100% recycled cardboard and are fully biodegradable, which means our packaging will not have any negative impacts on our planet. Simply wash your cartons out after use and place within your compost bins or home recycling bins, so they can be recycled and used again in the future.

Too often people see business as ‘profits first, our health and the planet later’, but that’s not what we’re about at Cornish MilkMineral Paint. We are here to change the rules and to change the way people stay creative, paint and recycle.

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